Amy Courts

by Amy Courts

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released May 6, 2006

(c) 2006 Amalia Musica (SESAC) /Hot Son Music (SESAC) / Charles Judge Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Amy Courts Minneapolis, Minnesota

With her trademark impassioned vocals, captivating melodies, and audacious honesty, Amy Courts expresses with effortless fluency her take on love, heartache, spirituality, hope, and personal demons. Though her voice and songs invoke inevitable comparisons to artists like Patty Griffin and Jennifer Knapp, her sound and experience are uniquely her own and are delivered with a rare distinction. ... more

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Track Name: Barely Breathing
Take this heart buried in stone and ash
Clothe these frail bones in skin and flesh
Fashion beauty in my weary frame
Filter love into my veins again

I am dying
Hear me crying
Barely breathing
And I can’t see
I’m anxious and waiting
I’m suffocating
And everything’s hanging on your next move
My pride has me strangled
And lies have me tangled
And everything is hanging on what you do

Break my legs or I will run again
And undo everything you’ve done and been
Arrest my tongue, a jagged blade
Guard my mind by barricade
Take me out from underneath, relieve me


Break me down to skin and bones
Til I’m broken and exposed
Whittle something beautiful of me

Track Name: Company
Well lately, every comfort eludes me
And I can’t seem to find my way
And they tell me these moments,
The moments are fleeting
But without you, these moments they drone of for days

Cause you break through the confusion
And it’s nothing that you say

It’s your company that I miss
The sweetness of your kiss
And your quiet tenderness
It’s you with me at the end of the longest day
And all the things that I cannot say
[It's the way you are]

Spring seems such a terrible distance
And some days I don’t know if I’m going to last

Cause I’m growing so impatient
But I’m trying to wait it out


Words cannot define, reach into my mind
To express all the things that I need you to hear
That I’m needing you here…

Track Name: Where Are You Now
I thought that I knew you
That I could see through into your heart
So why am I blind and
Unable to find you where you are

For so long I have wondered
Where it was you’d gone
Oh, I’ve been so wrong

I thought I had you down
I had you figured out
But I look away and you’re somewhere else
And I, no matter how I try
No, I still can’t see or feel you
Where are you

I believed and I trusted
And proved that I wanted what you gave
So why are you silent
While I, in the quiet, fight the hate

For so long I have wondered
Why you walked away
And you had nothing to say


Where are you now

Track Name: Save Me
I don’t know where it fell apart
Or where I came up missing
But I’m past a stubborn hope
Back inside the wishing
This was over, back to normal
And I’d get right back to my life
Where all the things that fell to pieces
Find a way into the light

And it’s not that things are wretched
It’s that I’m a filthy whore
I’d deny what satisfies me
For the thought of maybe more
That never guarantees an end
Only promises a friend
Turned to foe before the day is done
Well, all I know is

I’d fight anything if in my way
And I’d die before you ever hear me say

Save, Save, Save me

Well I’m not so discontent
That I would turn on what I know
But I’m not afraid to tell you
That I’m scared to death to go
From here and where I’ve always been
To where you are inside my head
Trace my steps back to you
Learn how not to

Fight, fight what I cannot understand
Cause I would die before I’d ever take a hand to

Save, Save, Save me

Take the blood drained from a side
And you can turn a prostitute into a bride
Take three nails, a crown of thorns
And you can shape a wife out of a whore

Save, Save, Save me
Track Name: Alone
Friday night, you’re driving home
Is it so hard to find your phone
To tell me I’ve been on your mind
You say I’d be good for you
And then recant and say we’re through
I wish you’d just make up your mind

One day in and one day out
There’s just one thing I’m sure about
I’m tired of playing all these games

I don’t wanna be alone
I’ve almost come undone
I don’t wanna be alone anymore

I’ve been so long here by myself
And all I want is someone else
To tell me everything’s alright
I’m not blind, but I can’t see
What the hell is wrong with me
Putting up a losing fight

One day on and one day off
I won’t ever be enough
If this is all we’ll ever be

I don’t wanna be alone
I’ve almost come undone
I don’t wanna be alone anymore
I don’t wanna be alone
I’ve almost had enough
I don’t wanna be alone anymore, no

I can’t spend my life here waiting
While you’re deliberating
If you want me, take me now
Or set me free

I don’t wanna be alone
I’ve almost come undone
I don’t wanna be alone anymore
I don’t wanna be alone
I’ve almost had enough
I don’t wanna be alone anymore, no
Track Name: Free
I can’t stay this way
It’s not who I’m meant to be
And though I’m not at my worst
You know there’s so much more to me

Than all these little fears
That rule and run me through the ground
Dig a hole, it’s six-feet-deep to bury me
Before I have a chance, a chance to come around

And oh, these little thing that bury me
These things that bind me in my need
If only I could find a way beyond
The way things seem to be
Then I’d be free

Well I know I can’t remain
In confusion and dis-ease
And I know I need a change
But I don’t know how to leave

All these little fears
That rule and run me through the ground
Dig a hole, it’s six-feet-deep to bury me
Before I have a chance, a chance to come around


But too much of my history won’t let me go
And there’re too many questions
Leaving too many unknowns
And all I want, and all I need
Is a way back to my knees
If I could find you, then I’d see you
And I know that I’d believe

That all these little things can’t bury me
These things can’t bind me in my need
You are the way beyond the way things seem,
The way things seem to be
Oh and I am free
Track Name: Nothing Better
I’m thinking clear now
Yeah I can hear now
You have opened up my eyes
And I am well aware now
And I believe
I do believe

I’m wide awake now
And I can’t shake how
You could take the universe
And turn it upside down
To make things right
You took the dark and made it bright

And there is nothing better
There is nothing better
Than knowing you will be my home forever
There is no one else
Who could save me from myself

Yeah, I’m believing
You're the air I’m breathing
And as long as I’m alive
You are how my heart’s beating
There is nothing more
Above, below, beside, before


Halleluiah! Halleluiah! I’m alive
Halleluiah! Halleluiah! I’m alive


No, I know there is no one else
There is no one else